Custom carving for a cabinet

I had a cabinetmaker contact me about making some small panels for him for a job that he was replicating. All I had was an image to go from and the timber that he supplied. I created a pattern to transfer the image onto the 4 pieces. I then used a router to set my levels and then used my set of carving chisels to carve the design. It was the first time replicating a design and was really happy how they finished. 

A few months later, I was asked to do some more work from him, carving some small corner pieces out of walnut. I had an example to work off which made it much easier. Relief work on a curved surface had its challenges but the results were great. 


Another cabinet maker got me to do some flowers for an antique mirror. They are only 63mm small and I only had a photo which made it even more challenging. Also doing a set of 5 meant I had to be quite accurate. As a woodturner, I saw that these would be well suited to be started on the lathe. From there I carved the detail.