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Many of my customers are looking for quality gifts that are unique and have a bit of a story to them. I hand select all the timber that I use, so I know not only what it is, but where it came from. The use of Australian timber stands out to those looking for international gifts and souvenirs as well as to customers that love seeing the beauty from home. I can make pieces to order or you can choose from my collection of works that are ready to find a new home. 
If you are interesting in any of my works, please contact me. I would love to make that special piece for you. 

Cufflinks- $40,   Bottle stoppers- $30,    Coffee tampers- $70,   bottle openers $35

Bowls- $40-270,    Bowls with carved embellishment- $80-450,    Carved burls- $100-450

More images in Gallery
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