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Unique jobs

Simon likes the strange jobs that others seem to reject. From making fake horse legs for casting practice or an ear for a sculptural piece or even a squirrel in armour, he loves the challenge. He can also do the more traditional turning and carving jobs when required. As Simon prefers the more creative jobs, he doesn't often do the batch work but on occasion he will take on jobs like 120 bottle stoppers and 80 vases as gifts. Its not just the strange jobs as Simon is always making more regular bowls and custom German ring turnings for customers. 

Saving sentimental trees

Often people contact me about turning their tree that has come down into something special. Often this process takes a bit of time but it can be done and it creates a beautifully meaningful gift and heirloom. I have done as many as 27 bowls for a family from their tree. If this is something that you are interested it, send through an enquiry 

Viking Boat for Mjolner

In 2017 Simon was set a challenge of converting an old dingy into a viking ship for a Scandinavian whisky bar called Mjolner in Sydney. This is the largest carving job that he has had to do. 
He started shaping the head using my band saw and angle grinders to get the main form. Then went to the trimmer router, carving chisels and rotary carver to refine the shapes. To add to the rustic look, he distressed the timber with my hatchet.
Fitting the head to the boat was a challenge but after some careful planning and some adjustments, it went in smoothly. 
To age the timber to match the boat in the rustic manner, Simon used a bitumen stain and an acrylic wash. 
It now stares you down as you enter the award winning bar in the heart of Sydney. 

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