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One of the aspects of Simons job that he loves is sharing the knowledge that he has learnt over the past years. His can do attitude means that he has experimented with many styles and techniques. He tailors every turning experience to the skill level of the class or individual. In 3 hours with Simon, a beginner who has never held a turning tool can have a finished bowl. As well as basic turning technique, Simon specialises in sharing the advanced techniques of German ring turning. A style of work that relies on working to fine tolerances to reveal a hidden shape. Simon is happy to work hands on, one on one or demonstrate to larger groups. 


Beginner - Advanced classes

One on one classes are run from Simon's workshop in Asquith. They are tailored to the needs of the student and aim to either teach new techniques  or refine current knowledge. 

Beginner classes: 3-3.5h, $250
Beginner classes cover basic tool control and safety. The student will practice a few beads and coves to learn some basic tool control before turning a bowl to be proud of. No turning experience is needed.


Intermediate and Advanced classes: $70/h or $450/day, plus materials. 
As these classes are tailored to the individual, they can vary quite a bit depending on the students requirements. The aim is to raise the confidence of the turner, teach new techniques and make adjustments to improve their work as well as to finish the session with a final piece to be proud of. 


This can also be offered as a gift certificate for a friend.
Can accommodate 2 people at once at a varied rate. 



Club demonstrations, zoom and in person

Through Simon's early years of turning, he was given the opportunities to teach his style and techniques of turning and embellishment. He became one of the youngest to teach at Turnfest, Australia's national event. Covid shut some doors to teaching overseas but also opened the opportunity for remote demonstrations over zoom. Since then, Simon has been able to demonstrate at online symposiums and direct to clubs.

Simon's found a fantastic blend or pre recorded video with live narration to best convey his work. His demonstrations of the German ring turning is the most requested subject. The video and slideshow cover a huge amount of visual information while his ability to chat live with the participants allows more time for detailed explanation and questions. The format has been greatly complimented by participants. 

In person
Simon's charisma is well suited to demonstrating in person. His demonstrations of German ring turning are best experienced face to face where the unique practices can be observed. Simon also loves sharing his techniques of carved embellishment, with a high focus on experimentation and pattern recognition. He has a great understanding in showing not only what he is doing but why he is doing it the way he does. 
Simon is based in Sydney but is open to traveling for clubs and symposiums. 


Timberbits group classes


High school tutoring 

Simon is one of the woodturning teachers at Timberbits in Mona Vale. These classes of up to 8 people are incredibly well equipped with machines, timber and tools. Classes range from beginner all the way to advanced classes. For more info, visit:

As Simon's love for wood work developed from school, he is passionate about helping others, especially the next generation. 

Planning year 12 major projects can be stressful and sometimes aspects of designs, planning and technique may not be covered at school. Simon has help quite a few students plan out their final projects. With the experience of a state ranking for his own project in 2012 and a trade in cabinetmaking, he knows what it takes to design and execute a strong project 

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