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Turning classes 

Adults that would like to learn wood turning and embellishment, contact Simon for details. Simon has room in the workshop for up to 2 students at a time. 
Cost is $60 per hour plus materials. 

Simon also does club demonstrations for German ring turning, carved embellishment, avocado boxes and platters. 

Zoom Demo

Simon has set up options for zoom demos which is allowing him to teach people all around the world his techniques for German ring turning. If you are interested as a club, email Simon and set up a date. For individuals, message to see when he can run another session. 

Sturt summer school

Simon will be running a 5 day class through Sturt Art School in Mittagong. This class will cover woodturning and carved embellishment. For more info, visit Sturts web site and keep an eye on their classes

School wood work tutoring 

Simon is now offering tutoring for Industrial technology (wood) for students in NSW. My focus will be on assisting with design and folios for Yr 12 projects. He knows what it takes to get a high band 6 and a beautiful piece of furniture, placing 2nd in NSW in 2012. He will also teach younger years, Yr 9-12 
Design. We will look at the project and work on design aesthetics, construction methods and materials. 
Folio. We will look are composition of designs, picture documentation and technical information. Help refine the folio before its submitted with the final work.
He can teach woodturning and hand cut joints, covered by insurance. 

Costs are:
$50/h + materials for practical work
On sight assistance may be negotiated   
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